World Wide Shopping For Collectibles

Good Deals Chase Inside Rome

Italy has The Great Antiques Market which is one of the biggest in Rome. The Autodromo di Vallelunga will be filled with enthusiastic collectors and antiquarians in the beginning of October.

Here visitors get to see a varied range of parts and equipments ranging from gadgets, clocks and other remaining items of Roman life up to the period of kitsch. It also specializes in vintage cars, furniture and motorcycles. So it is worth to pan to visit here with a little space available in your suitcase

Malaysia’s Antique City

The antique city of Malacca has constructions conserved from 16h century Portuguese invasions and from the 17th century influence of the Dutch. The oldest Dutch structure Stadhuys with its red, thick and the salmon red Christ Church are the two most famous among them.

Malacca is situated 90 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Malacca is a sanctuary for deal seekers through out the year. Genuine Malaysian and Chinese work of art and remnants can be seen surrounded by a crowd of fascinating collectibles.

The Metropolis of Atlantique

The biggest antique show of the world in Atlantic City in New Jersey is an inevitable show for the antique lovers

It is held twice in a year in March and October. The Atlantic City Convention Centre will be crowded with more than 100,000 people hunting Tiffany lamps and metalwork, European and American bronzes, American folk arts, prints, drawings and fine furniture. They will be also having the celebrity dealers check and appraise their own collection.

The Atlantique City show as well concentrates in American antiques like the macabre, coin-operated machines, medical & scientific technology and advertising.

San Pedro Shopping

The “Feria de Antiguedades de San Telmo” otherwise called San Pedro Telmo Antiques is more of a hobby experience than a market. Each Sunday morning The Plaza Dorrego is changed to a bug market, with numerous cubicles that sell things ranging from tourist stuff to precious antiques.

It is a grand place to watch how the people shop. The place has a collection of beautiful old chandeliers, old apothecary bottles and very old silver bolos and bridles on sale. Buenos Aires’ tango district has Telmo as its heart and for a small amount you get to see a spectacular dance in the open areas in the market.

Antiquities of Australia

Melbourne is renowned for shopping and people in search of antiques will find good hunts here.

The Arts Centre in Southbank has The Sunday Market which has more than 150 stalls with numerous secret antique stores selling lot of fossil stuff. One will discover things ranging from kaleidoscopes to organic tea, sculptures, gems, silks and so on.

There will be plenty of new items which talented artists sell from there studios and decorated shops. Artwork may be seen all around on canvas, glass, ceramics, metal, fabric, china, stone and clay.

Whether you plan to travel by air or online, there is always a way to bring a piece of the world into your life. Collectibles from different cultures add that extra touch to one’s life.

Source by Chris L. Jensen

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