What Are the Best GPS Systems For Cars?

It’s good to know what are the best GPS systems for cars, if you’re looking to buy a GPS. Not that you have to buy what everyone else is buying, but in the world of gadgets, popularity is often helpful when making a decision as to what’s good to get and what’s quality. A great place to find out what’s hot in the GPS marketplace is Amazon’s bestseller list.

As far as finding out what the best GPS systems for cars are, a great resource is Amazon! Amazon’s list can offer us a lot of really good information. For one thing, they’re the largest online retailer. Since Amazon sells so much, you can bet their numbers represent what people in general want, not what some small subset of the population wants. So, whenever I want to check up on what the best GPS systems for cars currently are, I look to Amazon.

Right now, their top seller is the Garmin nüvi 765. The nüvi 765 sells for about $200. (Slightly more.) As far as features, it’s got the widescreen, Bluetooth, and real time traffic. It’s also got Garmin’s new satellite lock in technology, called HotFix. HotFix makes your lock in to the satellites and be ready to go faster than other devices.

Another one of the GPS systems that I would consider to be the best GPS systems for cars is the Garmin nüvi 285. It costs almost half as much as the nüvi 765, but still has a lot of great features. For instance, you get the easier to see widescreen, which is also a touch screen. You can hook it up to your computer via a USB connection. Also, it has what Garmin calls photo navigation, which shows you real photos of buildings and other landmarks on your maps. There are plenty of other features, too. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the Garmin nüvi 285 is cheap. That’s only the price. You get Garmin’s quality and also plenty of great features.
Garmin is certainly dominating the GPS for cars marketplace.

But let’s throw in one of TomTom’s hottest models. Currently the 11th bestseller in the Amazon GPS marketplace, the TomTom XL 340-S goes head to head with some of Garmin’s best products. The XL 340-S has the widescreen, a feature I really like because I can see so much more. It tells you the names of the streets you’re to turn on. And it comes with maps of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Best of all is its price, which is in the very low $100’s. This all qualifies it to be one of the best GPS systems for cars available.

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