Soundboard Sourcecode and Ringtones – Easy to Reskin Android Template



We created an Android Soundboard which is very easy to reskin. It has nice features like the sidebar and already implemented AdMob ads. With our detailed reskinning tutorial advanced and beginners can easily create their own Soundboard Button App or Ringtone Collection.


Demo APK

You can check out the demo application here



✔ texts and colors can be changed easily

✔ Share Sound function

✔ Set Sounds as Ringotone, Notification Tone or Alarm

✔ Sidebar for intuitive navigation

✔ AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ad

✔ Three different Tabs

✔ Customer Support



Beginners and Advanced programmers can reskin this app thanks to the detailed Reskinning Tutorial

What is easy to reskin:

✔ Color and Theme

✔ Texts

✔ Button Names and Sounds

✔ Whole Sidebar


Some reskinning ideas would be:

Animal Soundboard, Funny Buttons App, Christmas Ringtones, Effects Soundboard



If you have any further questions, write us an message or contact us by EMail

And now: Have fun creating your own soundboard!



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