Prospects of Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the term used for designs or models created by the use of computers in the engineering or technical field. Every product of our office or home is modeled on a computer at some stage of its development. It is used to pick up the minute details of physical components by preparing 2D or 3D models drawings. CAD has affected the design process as IT has revolutionized every industry and its working methods. It enables the creation of designs without building a dummy physical structure thus reducing cost and time factors.

CAD is used in the architecture field for creating extensive views of buildings and flats or any structural design. It gives designers an edge to demonstrate their creativity by specifying technical details, dimensions and procedures. The growing fashion industry has also started the use of CAD for textile designing, fabric coloration and other fashion tasks. It enables the designers to create various designs on the screen and enhance them further, mix and match the colors with the click of a button. It has various plant design software which can be used for plant designing and automation by engineers and designers. There are also power systems CAD for creating power systems where the designers can check for the effectiveness of their safety aspects.

The work environment offered today is fast and there is the demand for new products and designs in short span of time. The future of CAD is in its quick progress as it leads to the benefit of lower cost of production and a reduced design cycle of the product. It has the advantage of working on screen which enables saving, manipulating and printing the designs for further usage. The growing usage has opened several job prospects for this field. There are various CAD courses training students to take up career in fashion industry or work as a CAD designer with engineers, interior designers and architects. There are very bright prospects in this field as building or industrial construction and fashion are the booming industries in this world of today.

Source by Jon T Smith

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