Open Up to the Idea of Clamshell Packaging

Ever wonder about that packaging you tear off, bend, cut, and utterly destroy in order to get to your new electronic gadget? Though people may not think much of packaging, a lot of design goes into these seemingly basic and necessary materials. Products must be wrapped tightly so that they are not damaged in shipping. Furthermore, they must be secure enough so that a shoplifter cannot easily tear it out of the package to steal.

One of the most commonly seen designs is that of clamshell packaging. No, no clams were harmed in the making of this packaging material. Rather, it gets its name from the opening mechanism, which is comparable to the simplicity of a clamshell. Clamshell packaging is produced from various materials including polyethylene, terephthalate, and polyvinyl chloride. Whenever companies release new products, they rely on packaging companies to come up with marketable designs in packaging. Stock packaging is one option and for some retailers marketing cheap products, any standard will do.

However, for major marketing campaigns a company might want a packaging plant to custom design a large quantity of clamshell packaging units. Where can you find an online retailer for clamshell packaging?

Try Impact MFG, a company that lives by a simple motto: “Where great ideas are packaged.” Packaging is everything, as many business gurus will tell you. Impact MFG offers a wide variety of services including clamshell package design, printing, assembly, photography, and assistance with layout and 3D design. The company is essentially a turnkey business when it comes to packaging great products for retail sales. Whether you own an online business or a retail store, packaging will always be an important part of your business.

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