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There are many different Excel functions and derivatives, such as the Date and time. Engineering, Financial, Information, Logical function, Lookup and reference, Math, Statistical, funciton about Text and other functions.
Learn best excel formulas and functions app we hope you will learn a lot of excel concepts and shortcuts in one app.

– 500 ++ excel formulas with example such as Count, Sum, Average, Min and Max, Lookup, If, conditional formatting, data validation, Round, Date and Time, Date series, Text, Financial, and so on.
– 220 ++ excel function with examples
– 450 ++ excel formula and case examples
– 200 ++ excel shortcust to speed up your work with excel.
– Full OFFLINE does not require an internet connection

What you are going to learn:

✔️ Professionally Manage Excel.
✔️ Create Your Own Formulas and Integrated Excel Functions.
✔️ You will be an Expert in Comprehensive Excel Management.
✔️ Show Powerful Dynamic Boards Complementing Even More Powerful Tools Like Power Pivot.
✔️ Automate Tasks with Macros and VBA.
✔️ Correctly Handle Large Amounts of Data in a List.
✔️ Professionally Manage Dynamic Formulas.
✔️ Create Complete and Dynamic Reports Using Pivot Tables
✔️ Learn The Most Used Excel Functions in Companies.
✔️ Audit Formulas in Spreadsheets
✔️ Add Value to your Excel Jobs

Are there requirements to take the course?

✔️ You only need to have access to Microsoft Excel.

Who is this course for?

✔️ To people who are beginners and want to be experts in handling Excel.
✔️ To people with basic, intermediate or who want to perfect their advanced level in new knowledge.
✔️ To all people who want to learn Excel correctly.


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