MS SQL to .Net Core Rest API Generator + JWT Auth + Swagger + Postman .Net6


Automatically Create .NET Core professional ready to use REST API from MS SQL Database With Postman Docs , Swagger and JWT Authentication – .Net6

Stored Procedure To REST API Generator

Dependency Injection , Layered Architecture, 100% Automatic

Easily publish to docker or cloud

Swagger Document make it ready to use immediately

Generate code from any MS SQL database

Quick & Free Email or Skype Support

Easy REST API Generator - dotnet core MSSQL CRUD REST API With JWT Token
Automatic REST API Generator - .net core MSSQL CRUD REST API With Postman
MSSQL REST API Generator - Micro service generator MySQL CRUD REST API

Online tutorials & videos

Includes Automatic Generated Postman Json for Quick Ready To Use API

What is Dotnet Core REST API Generator?

Created with the most trusted web technologies, C# .net core REST API Generator is a powerful and intuitive solution to create REST API from MS SQL. Ready to use in your company or as a personal project. Deploy in seconds to cloud and integrate with any front-end technology like Angular/React or Mobile Application

With windows application it gives you flexibility to generate the REST API any number of times. Any modification in your database you have tool to generate the code again. No Installation required to run the API Generator

REST API Generator performs an in-depth analysis of your MS SQL database: all types of relationships between tables, primary and foreign keys, field types and values, validation, etc. Generate data annotated Models and Interfaces to perform dependency injection.

This intelligent analysis is used to pre-configure the options adapted to each endpoint of the generated REST API.

The generated code can be hosted to your cloud server or IIS with SSL enabled and it will be ready to use within a minute of time.

Generator tool also generate the POSTMAN import file according to the REST API and help you to quickly start your testing. Even you get the swagger document generated to easily circulate to your business owners.

Smart Database Analysis

  • Primary keys detection and interpretation
  • Secondary keys detection and interpretation
  • Detection of all types of relationships
  • Smart integration of internal/external relationships in CRUD
  • Smart field type detection and integration
  • Detection and integration of validation types

Customer Feedback :

There are lots of reasons that I recommend this item, but, at least in my opinion, having the right attention at the right moment, makes all difference.
If you find yourself in trouble for any reason, be sure that you will be assisted and FAST. Thanks for this great product.

Superb product! Support is great, I had some doubts about the product at first. But the seller called me on skype and explained everything in great detail. It’s a great tool, and It will save you a lot of money and time. RECOMMENDED A+++

This is an awesome product, coupled with a great support from the publisher and the ease of usability… I strongly recommend this amazing product!


19th October 2022 V2.2
  - Nullable check on add/update/patch 
18th October 2022 V2.1
  - New endpoint added PATCH
  - AuthManager missing issue fixed
16th June 2022 V2.0
  - Upgraded to.NetCore V6 
  - Automatic Auth table selection for token added optional hardcoded username password
  - money data type support
19th September 2021 V1.4
  - DateTimeOffset datatype supported
09th August 2021 V1.3
  - Bug fix
  - Generate view code
  - Table selection functionality added
10th January  2021 V1.2
  - Stored Procedure to REST API Generator functionality added
  - multiple table result as JSON return from Stored Procedure
  - Output parameter handling of Stored Procedure
  - Order By multiple column & directions
  - Delete with multiple conditions [{columnName:"",columnValue:""}]
  - Upload File Endpoint added
07th November 2020 : V1.1
  - datetime2 datatype handling fixed
  - Return TotalRecord, PageNumber, PageSize count in getall & search endpoints
  - Exempt some tables functionality added
 24th September 2020 :  V1.0: - Initial Release


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