Messenger Timbuk2 – What to Look For When Shopping

Messenger bags are all the rage these days – not only are they trendy but they’re actually one of the most convenient bags ever to be invented!  Messenger Timbuk2 bags are some of the finest available today (and perhaps the finest). 

If you’re shopping for messenger bags from Timbuk2, here are some of the bags available for you in terms of sizes and styles:

Sizes:  There are actually five sizes to choose from in the messenger line, including extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.  When picking one out to buy online it is a good idea to keep one thing in mind – the way these bags are designed gives more room than one might think.  For example if you have a need for a “large” bag because you have quite a few things to carry about (some of which might be on the heavier side), you might want to consider a medium or even a small size bag in the Timbuk2 lineup.  A safe way to decide is to read the reviews of people who purchased the bag – you can generally find these from any merchant website.

Classic Style:  The most popular bags in the Timbuk2 messenger collection is the “classic” which has been around now for going on 20 years.  The messenger Timbuk2 classic bags have a triple panel and most of the bags have just the right amount of organizational pockets and gadgets to keep your things in order.  Of the classics you can also find various versions such as the “333” and the “Grown” – some of these messengers are also equipped with a laptop pocket (although the name of the bag may not indicate this).

Laptop Style:  These messengers have come more to the forefront over the past couple of years along with the increasing popularity and versatility of laptop computers.  More and more people walk the streets toting a laptop, and these bags help to carry them quite easily with very little burden – they generally are equipped to carry a number of items as well, making it simpler to “carry it all” with one bag rather than two or more.

Commuter Style:  These bags I’ve only been able to find in a larger size, specifically for laptops.  They are quite handy in that they typically carry quite a lot of items and have become more popular over the past year or so.

Recommendation:  I’ve not come across a messenger Timbuk2 bag which has received poor overall reviews, so I can quite honestly say that no matter which bag you purchase, you will very likely love it and make it part of your daily life for years to come!  I most definitely recommend these messengers above others due to their durability, convenience and fun, trendy style.

Source by Tonya Brisnehan

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