How to Lose Fat in Thighs – 3 Tips to Help You Lose the Fat in Your Thighs

Many people the majority of whom are women, search the internet daily for a solution to the problem of how to lose fat in thighs.Many gimmicks have appeared in the market place which promise the reduction of fat in the thighs in very little time. Some require loads of hard work, and others claim that by attaching fancy gadgets that miraculously you can burn all the fat off by pressing a button. Whether these gimmicks work or not I can’t say without reasonable doubt. My instincts tell me that they are merely trying to milk desperate consumers who are willing to try anything to solve their problem.

Over the years I have encountered many people who have experienced weight gain and especially fat in their thighs and hips. This happens to approximately 80% of women. It is largely due to the ageing process coupled with a bad diet and a lack of exercise. Men suffer from excess fat too but tend to accumulate the fat around their belly area more frequently than in their thighs. For the majority, the tendency is to put themselves through a punishing exercise schedule in the hope that this will almost instantly reduce the fat in their thighs. However while this may work for a few people, most become despondent when their plan does not produce results. Before you can lose fat in your thighs it is important to take note of the following tips.

1. Take it slowly. Gaining fat in your thighs has probably occurred over a very long period of time. Do not have unrealistic expectations that you can lose thigh fat in a short period of time. Gaining fat is a process so likewise to lose that fat will also be a process.

2.Targeting specific areas for fat loss does not work. Targeted exercise and machines and gadgets which target specific areas are a virtual waste of money and time. This is because this is not the way the human body disposes of excess fat. Scientific evidence suggests that a controlled diet contributes at least 75% to fat loss while exercise contributes the remainder. So the secret to fat loss lies more in what you eat and not how much exercise you do. In fact the more all round exercise you do the greater your chances of reducing your body fat as a whole. Another factor is that due to our body types, age, hormones, and genetics, every individual is unique in the way they store or metabolize fat. Our bodies have been conditioned over the years to store fat for times of famine and will not give it up easily. Sometimes the fat will refuse to budge from certain areas because of this. So all the exercise in the world will not help.

3.Successful fat loss is achieved by design. To successfully lose fat in your thighs you need to follow a good eating plan and integrate exercise into the plan. While its not impossible to design your own plan it is better if you can follow one that is all laid out for you that does not require too much effort from your side. Planning meals and grocery lists can be very challenging, but you can get help with this online. Many people have already done this and are enjoying spectacular results.

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Source by Malcolm B Smith

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