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Have you ever stumbled upon a complicated problem for which you had to find an answer online? Chances are, you’ve come across TechGen – the ultimate online toolbox for modern digital marketing. With TechGen, you can discover an entire set of text, image and web tools all in one place – from email marketing and calculators to currency converter and HTML encoder. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the value of TechGen’s tools can help streamline your workflow, increase productivity and reach more people with your content.

As an online entrepreneur, there are so many tasks you need to do and manage on a daily basis. From creating content to optimizing it for search engines, the list of activities can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, the TechGen web tools collection simplifies the process by offering a comprehensive selection of text, image and online calculator tools that are essential to keep your online business running smoothly. In this guide we’ll look at each of these web tools and how they can help automate and simplify your daily online tasks.

Table Of Content.

  1. Introduction to TechGen’s web tools collection
  2. Text content tools
  3. Images editing tools
  4. Online calculators
  5. Unit converter tools
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1- Introduction to TechGen’s web tools collection

If you are a tech and gadget enthusiast, you know how important it is to have the right tools to simplify your online tasks. TechGen’s web tools collection offers a comprehensive set of free online tools that can help you streamline your work and improve your productivity. In this section, we provide a brief introduction to TechGen’s web tools collection, highlighting the benefits of using these tools.

Text Content Tools

Creating dummy text, counting words, or changing the text case is now made easier with TechGen’s text content tools. These tools include the powerful Lorem Ipsum Generator for creating dummy text and the Word Counter for counting the number of words in a text. Additionally, the Case Converter enables you to convert your text between uppercase and lowercase, and the Remove Line Breaks tool helps you easily remove line breaks in your text.

Images Editing Tools

Need to create a favicon or resize an image? TechGen’s Images Editing Tools collection provides all you need for image editing in one place. The collection includes tools such as the ICO to PNG converter, the Image Cropper for resizing and cropping images, and even an Image Enlarger for scaling up small pictures without degrading the quality.

Online Calculators

Sometimes, you need a calculator to take care of some basic calculations. TechGen offers an extensive collection of calculators for various purposes, such as the Sales Tax Calculator, the Probability Calculator, and the Paypal Fee Calculator; however, the collection also includes more technical tools such as the CPM Calculator and Unit Converter Tools.

Binary Converter Tools

Working with binary values can be challenging. TechGen’s Binary Converter Tools collection offers a range of useful utilities, including Text-to-Binary and Binary-to-Text converters, Decimal-to-Binary and Binary-to-Decimal converters, and even Text-to-Hex and Hex-to-Text converters. Other tools such as HEX-to-Binary and Binary-to-HEX converters are also available.

Website Management Tools

Improving website performance and increasing traffic can be a daunting task. TechGen’s Website Management Tools collection offers essential tools for managing your website, such as the HTML Decode and Encode tool, the URL Decode and Encode tool, as well as the HTML and CSS Beautifier and Minifier tools. Additionally, the collection provides Javascript DeObfuscator and Obfuscator tools, which help keep your website code secure from prying eyes.

Development Tools

Need help cleaning up your JSON, removing white spaces, or formatting data? TechGen’s Development Tools collection provides

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2- Text content tools

If you are a tech and gadget enthusiast who loves content creation, these free online tools are a treasure trove for your day-to-day activities. With these text content tools, you can create dummy text, count words, and change the text case with ease.

Text tools make content creation a breeze. With features like the Lorem Ipsum Generator, you can create dummy text for your webpages or print materials. The Case Converter enables you to quickly convert any text to uppercase, lowercase, or title case. The Word Counter helps you keep track of the number of words in your text while Remove Line Breaks lets you remove unwanted line breaks. Lastly, the Random Word Generator gives you a unique set of words each time you visit the tool.

These tools are essential for writers, web designers, and other content creators who want to improve their productivity. No more manually counting words or changing text case by hand, these text content tools will save you time and energy.

💡 Key Takeaway: These text content tools will enhance your content creation process by providing you with the essential tools to create and manage your content with ease.

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3- Images editing tools

Are you tired of struggling to edit your images on different websites? Say hello to TechGen’s online image editing tools, where you can compress, resize, and convert all your images with ease. Here are our top tools for all your image editing needs:

1. Favicon and Image Converter:

Convert your image formats easily with this tool. Convert ICO to PNG, JPG to PNG, PNG to JPG, JPG Converter, and WebP to JPG quickly and efficiently.

2. Image Resizer, Cropper, and Enlarger:

No more struggling with resizing and cropping images. Our online image resizer, cropper, and enlarger tool lets you resize the images based on pixels, percentage, or aspect ratio, crop the images in custom dimensions or pre-defined dimensions, and enlarge the images without losing quality.

3. Photo Editor:

Our photo editor has all the basic tools Flip Image and Rotate Image. Use this tool to flip and rotate your images in any direction easily.

💡 Key Takeaway: TechGen’s image editing tools provide a seamless editing experience with a variety of tools like image converter, resizer, and crop with complete efficiency.

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4- Online calculators

Online calculators are an essential tool for anyone needing to make quick and accurate calculations. With TechGen’s collection of online calculators, you have access to an extensive range of options, from basic calculations to advanced financial planning tools.

Age Calculator: Calculate your age, or the age of someone else, quickly and easily with our age calculator. Simply enter a birth date, and the calculator will display the age in years, months, and days.

Percentage Calculator: Whether you need to calculate a percentage increase or decrease, or simple percentage of a value, our percentage calculator has got you covered. It’s a useful tool for determining discounts, markups, or sales tax.

Average Calculator: Quickly find the average of a set of numbers, no matter how large or small with our average calculator. This tool is particularly useful for students or researchers who need to calculate averages for data sets.

Confidence Interval Calculator: Determine the confidence interval for a sample of data within seconds using our confidence interval calculator. This tool is particularly useful for those involved in statistics and data analysis.

Sales Tax Calculator: With our sales tax calculator, you can determine the total cost of an item including tax for any state in the United States with our simple and easy-to-use calculator.

Margin Calculator: Our margin calculator is a great tool for calculating profit margins. It allows you to easily calculate the gross margin, markup percentage, profit, revenue, and cost.

Probability Calculator: This calculator lets you calculate the probability of an event occurring. It’s particularly useful for those studying probability and statistics, or for individuals and businesses involved in risk management.

Paypal Fee Calculator: Calculate the fees for a Paypal transaction with just a few clicks. You can also choose from a variety of currencies to ensure the accuracy of the calculation.

CPM Calculator: This tool allows you to calculate cost per thousand (CPM) impressions, a crucial metric used to measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

Loan Calculator: Determine the monthly payments and total interest of a loan with our easy-to-use loan calculator. Whether you’re applying for a mortgage or a car loan, this tool can help you make an informed decision.

GST Calculator: Our GST calculator can help you calculate the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for any product or service in India. It allows you to calculate both the gross price and the tax amount separately.

💡 Key Takeaway: TechGen offers a comprehensive suite of online calculators that can help make your calculations quick, easy, and accurate.

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5- Unit converter tools

As a tech and gadget enthusiast, you need to have access to the latest and most convenient web tools to keep up with your online activities. Among these tools are unit converter tools that can quickly convert different types of numbers, including currency rates, weight, length, area, and temperature. Here are some of the best unit converter tools available on TechGen:

Length Converter:

Easily convert lengths between metric and standard systems, and vice versa.

Convert between millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, meters, yards, miles, and more.

Area Converter:

Convert between different units of area, such as square meters, square feet, acres, and hectares.

Use the area converter tool to convert between different units of area quickly and easily.

Weight Converter:

Our weight converter tool lets you quickly and easily convert different units of weight.

Convert between pounds, kilograms, ounces, grams, and more.

Volume Converter:

Convert between different units of volume using the volume converter tool.

Convert between cups, liters, milliliters, pints, quarts, gallons, and more.

Temperature Converter:

Quickly convert different temperature units, such as Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin.

Use the temperature converter tool to convert between these units easily.

Time Converter:

Convert between different units of time, such as seconds, minutes, hours, and days.

Use the time converter tool to make quick and easy time conversions.

Digital Converter:

Convert digital storage units, such as bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes.

Our digital converter tool makes digital storage conversions simple and straightforward.

Parts Per Converter:

Quickly convert between parts per billion, parts per million, and other parts per ratios.

Use the parts per converter tool to make conversions between different parts per ratios.

Speed Converter:

Convert between different speed units, such as meters per second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, and knots.

Use the speed converter tool to quickly make speed conversions.

Pace Converter:

Convert between different pace units, such as kilometers per minute, miles per minute, and minutes per mile.

Use the pace converter tool to easily make pace conversions.

Pressure Converter:

Convert between different pressure units, such as psi, kPa, and bar.

Our pressure converter tool makes pressure conversions quick and easy.

Current Converter:

Easily convert current units, such as amperes and milliamperes.

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In conclusion, TechGen is a hassle-free online web tool collection that offers convenience to tech and gadget enthusiasts. With its range of text, image, calculator, converter, binary, website management, development, and useful online tools, it’s a valuable addition to any online toolbox. Whether you are a developer, content creator, or just someone who needs quick solutions to everyday online activities, TechGen has you covered. So why wait? Check out TechGen now and start making your online experience more efficient and enjoyable. [Call to action]: Give TechGen a try and experience the convenience and ease of these Free Online Web Tools for yourself!


What do I need to know before I use a tool?

Some tools may require you to sign in or create an account. Make sure you have the necessary credentials before using a tool.

How do I use the tools?

To use the tools, first click on the tool you want to use. Then enter the text you want to analyze. Finally, click on the “analyze” button to begin the analysis.

Which tools are available in different languages?

Languages with full support include English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Romanian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian.

How do I find the tools I need?

To find the tools you need, simply browse the categories and subcategories. Or, if you’re looking for a specific tool, you can search for it using the keyword search box.

How can I use the tools more effectively?

To get the most out of the available tools, try using them in combination and experiment to see what works best for you. Also, be sure to save your work often in case of website problems or computer crashes.

What are the tools’ features?

The tools have a variety of features, such as the ability to create and edit text, count words, and change the text case. They also have tools for image editing, image compression, image enlargement, image cropping, image resizing, and image conversion.

Technology and gadgets have become a mainstay of modern life, making it easier than ever before to access information, information, and entertainment quickly. But navigating the best web tools for tech and gadget enthusiasts can be difficult. With the introduction of TechGen Free Online Web Tools, that difficulty is no more! Here, tech and gadget lovers alike can find an extensive suite of online tools that allow you to do things like create dummy text, count words, calculate currency rates, resize images, convert file types and more – all conveniently in one place.

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