7 Incredible Futuristic Tech Gadgets!

Hey guys. In today’s video, showing you 7 incredible futuristic tech gadgets that you must see. When you will know the features and performance of these gadgets in this video, definitely you like those amazing inventions. So, let’s watch entire the video and know about these incredible gadgets’ details… SUBSCRIBE 🙏https://goo.gl/nvfWhz

In this video, you will take a look at the Boston Dynamics Robot Dog, Mudra Band Gesture Control Strap, Tonal, Bebird X17 Pro, SuperCalla, VOIXATCH, and AiT SmartOne. These are the 7 incredible futuristic tech gadgets! How do they compare? What do you think are the incredible futuristic tech gadgets!? Now you can find which is the best gadgets that will change your life.

00:24 (Boston Dynamics Robot Dog):
Introducing Boston Dynamics Robot Dog, this is an incredible futuristic technology. You will be getting surprised to know about this gadget. Top speed 3 MPH (1.6 M/S), average run time 90 minutes, navigates challenging terrain, programable API, camera 360° obstacle avoidance, swappable battery, 2 payloads ports, carries up to 14kg, crash protection, self rights after falls, operates in -20° C to 45° C and also IP54 rain and dust protected.

02:28 (Mudra Band Gesture Control Strap):
Mudra Band is the world’s first smart band for apple wristwatch brain to the device interface. You can easily control your watch using finger gestures without touching the screen. It is using neural technology and translates finger movement. You can also connect your Mudra Band and watch through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Tonal is the world’s smartest home gym and personal trainer that is the most intelligent fitness system. Tonal is a revolutionary digital weight machine. Switch up your routine and experts lead workouts that guided you through step-by-step instructions and motivations. Tonal sets the weight optimal for you and adjusts as you get stronger.

06:38 (Bebird X17 Pro):
Bebird X17 Pro uses today’s advanced camera and Wi-Fi technology to let you see clearly inside your ear. Instead of sticks, it uses a polycarbonate+ soft silica gel ear-spoon and a camera lens for a safe and thorough clean. Bebird X17 Pro Ear Endoscope with 6 LED lights, 3.5mm 1080P HD Wi-Fi ear wax removal wireless camera digital otoscope for iPhone and Android smartphones. Super cool, new inventions smart visual ear clean rod that now you can install Bebird ear clean APP.

09:35 (SuperCalla):
Introducing SuperCalla, this is an amazing gadget that is a charging cable redesigned invented by Charles Harris. This is the most unique organized and minimalistic travel-friendly cable. Our standard 3-foot cable is perfect for everyday use and traveling and a 6-foot cable is perfect for extra-long reaches. It provides free-floating, high-speed charging, and data transfer capability, and also provides cord protection.

12:13 (VOIXATCH):
VOIXATCH is the worlds’ first smartwatch with a built-in Bluetooth headset that easily keeps you connected wherever you go, whatever you’re doing. The Bezel Headset features Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 technology that fine-tunes dynamic sound.

14:14 (AiT SmartOne):
AiT SmartOne is the most unique, height-adjustable desk that takes care of your health and is easily controlled by a simple app. This is an innovative design that has a Bluetooth connection, air quality sensor, wireless charger, ambient LED lighting, etc.

7. Boston Dynamics Robot Dog

6. Mudra Band Gesture Control Strap

5. Tonal

4. Bebird X17 Pro
US- https://amzn.to/3w4CXHA
UK- https://amzn.to/3fbV87v

3. SuperCalla


1. AiT SmartOne

My Website – www.techforcehd.com

Product Info- 7 Incredible Futuristic Tech Gadgets!
-One-hand control
-Getting things done
-Multitasking on the go
-Six-axis gyroscopes
-Adjustable height
-Bluetooth connection
-Ambient LED lighting
-Air quality sensor
-Ergonomic footrest
-Wireless charger
-Premium materials
-App-controlled security drawer
-Bluetooth loudspeaker system
-Aromatherapy diffuser​
-Integrated cable management
-Cup warmer & cooler​
-Built-in fitness & health module​
-Under desk PC holder​
-Fitness tracking

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